Integrating Wireless Technology in the Enterprise: PDAs, Blackberries, and Mobile Devices

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Mobile computing has an Achilles heel--data content delivery and data transfer back to the central data store. This title explains all the popular user mobile devices--handheld computers, mobile phones, pagers, and laptops--that receive and transfer their data with network applications, desktop calendars, and other locations where information is stored.


William Wheeler has over 15 years of MIS/IT experience, most at a major Fortune 100 company. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Resources and Information Management. He is uniquely qualified to author this text as he has worked to implement wireless devices to hundreds of employees in several companies. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. concentrating on heuristics and artificial intelligence in information systems.


"The author is very much in command of the hands-on material when it comes to project management and project scoping. The experience acquired as a project manager makes that part of the book valuable and enjoyable." - Association for Computing Machinery
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