Taming Texas: Captain William T. Sadler's Lone Star Service

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Januar 2000



The history of Texas is usually told in terms of its "giants" such as Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin. Here, instead, is a history of Texas told by one of its lesser giants, William Turner Sadler (1797-1884), whose biography becomes the framework for an exciting view of Texas history.Sadler, one of the leading pioneers of nineteenth century Texas, participated in most of the major events of the period. He migrated to Texas from Georgia in 1835 to become a farmer. He soon found himself in command of a ranger company that built Fort Houston and served as a private in the battle of San Jacinto. He later helped to quell the Cordova Rebellion but while he was away his wife and infant daughter were killed by the Indians in the "Edens-Madden Massacre". Sadler was a leader in the Cherokee War and is said to have fired the shot that killed Chief Bowles. Sadler eventually served as a representative in both the Republic Congress and the state legislature. In 1849 he went to California seeking gold but returned in 1851 to resume farming, became involved with the early railroads, and served as postmaster of both Houston and Anderson counties. During the Civil War, at the age of sixty-six, Sadler served in Terrell's Texas Cavalry. He remarried in 1844 and through his several sons and daughters left hundreds of descendents who still live in Texas.


STEPHEN L. MOORE, a sixth generation Texan, graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, where he studied journalism and advertising. He previously combined with William J. Shinneman and Robert W. Gruebel to write The Buzzard Brigade: Torpedo Squadron Ten at War.
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