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* UNIX For Dummies has been the standard for beginning UNIX references for nearly ten years, and this latest edition continues that tradition of success* This unparalled resource is updated to cover the latest applications of UNIX technology, including Linux and Mac desktops as well as how UNIX works with Microsoft server software* Thorough coverage of how to handle UNIX installation, file management, software, utilities, networks, Internet access, and other basic tasks* Aimed at the first-time UNIX desktop user growing accustomed to the ins and outs of the OS, as well as the beginning administrator who needs to get a handle on UNIX networking basics* Written by John Levine and Margaret Levine Young, longtime UNIX experts and highly experienced For Dummies authors


Part I: Before the Beginning.
Chapter 1: Log Me In, UNIX!
Chapter 2: What Is UNIX, Anyway?
Chapter 3: A Few Lines on Linux.
Part II: Some Basic Stuff.
Chapter 4: Opening Windows on UNIX.
Chapter 5: Files for Fun and Profit.
Chapter 6: Directories for Fun and Profit.
Chapter 7: The Shell Game.
Chapter 8: Where's That File?
Chapter 9: Printing (The Gutenberg Thing).
Part III: Getting Things Done.
Chapter 10: Writing Deathless Prose.
Chapter 11: Umpteen Useful UNIX Utilities.
Chapter 12: Installing Software Can Be Tricky.
Chapter 13: Juggling a Bunch of Programs.
Chapter 14: Taming Linux.
Part IV: UNIX and the Net.
Chapter 15: Your Computer Is Not Alone.
Chapter 16: Across a Crowded Network.
Chapter 17: Automating Your Office Gossip.
Chapter 18: Web Surfing for UNIX Users.
Chapter 19: Grabbing Files from the Net.
Chapter 20: Now Serving the Internet.
Part V: Help!
Chapter 21: Disaster Relief.
Chapter 22: The Case of the Missing Files.
Chapter 23: Some Programs Just Won't Die.
Chapter 24: "My Computer Hates Me".
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 25: Ten Common Mistakes.
Chapter 26: Ten Times More Information Than You Want about UNIX.


John Levine and Margaret Levine Young are the dynamic For Dummies duo with more than 50 books to their credit, including eight editions of The Internet For Dummies.

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