Soultypes: Decode Your Spiritual DNA to Create a Life of Authenticity, Joy, and Grace

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We are all wired for God, but our needs, inclinations, and personalities are all different. Using the metaphor of "spiritual DNA," "SoulTypes will help you assess your own inborn qualities and find a spiritual path that will support your quest for a richer, fuller, more integrated life. If you consider yourself spiritual but not religious, "SoulTypes will help you discover just what works for you. With its inventory and assessment to guide you to discover and interpret your spiritual type, "SoulTypes helps you in answering the most profound questions: * Who am I What is my authentic identity? * Whats important to me What are my values, my gifts, my passions? * Why am I here What is my purpose or mission in life? * Where am I going What is my vision of my future?


Preface.Acknowledgments.Introduction: Cracking Your Soul's Code.PART I: Wired for God.Discovering Your Spiritual DNA.1. The Inescapable Conclusion: You're Wired for God!2. Who Are You? Discovering Your Spiritual Identity.3. What's Important to You? Identifying Your Core Values.4. Why Are You Here? Finding Your Unique Life's Purpose.5. Where Do You Want to Go in Your Life? Creating Your Vision for the Future.PART II: Understanding Your Soul Type.Assessments and Practices.6. Heart-Centered Spirituality: The Practice of Gratitude.7. Soul-Centered Spirituality: The Practice of Contemplation.8. Mind-Centered Spirituality: The Practice of Awareness.9. Strength-Centered Spirituality: The Practice of Commitment.PART III: I Know Where I'm Going.Your Life Map.10. Constructing Your Life Map.Epilogue: Follow Your Bliss!Resources.Bibliography.The Authors.Index.


Robert Norton and Richard Southern have taught the principles of SoulTypes to thousands of seekers. They are also principals in Church Development Systems, a nonprofit organization and national consulting practice.


"...what sets this book apart from the recent abundance of "life mapping" books is its refreshing simplicity and practicality, offering a clear and full description in few words." (Publishers Weekly, February 23, 2004)
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