Nigeria's Decades of Blood 1980-2002: Studies in Christian-Muslim Relations

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Juli 2003



What is going to happen between Christians and Muslims?

This book tells you what is happening in a country where fifty million Muslims and fifty million Christians face each other-Nigeria. Over the last twenty years, rivers of blood have flowed into the abyss. This book describes Nigeria's religious riots, and how it all happened-the killings, the violence, the arson of churches and mosques, homes and businesses.

It answers these questions:

Who started what?
How did it get started?
Who got hurt, and how many people got killed?
What did Christians do? What about the Muslims?
What did the government do about it? Or the police?

Nigeria's Decades of Blood is the first book in the series, Studies in Christian-Muslim Relations . Subsequent books will discuss the underlying issues that affect the relationship between these two religions.
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