Breast Cancer: Cellular and Molecular Biology

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August 1988



Where do you begin to look for a recent, authoritative article on the diagnosis or management of particular malignancy? The few general oncology text­ books are generally out of date. Single papers in specialized journals are informative but seldom comprehensive; these are more often preliminary reports on a very limited number of patients. Certain general journals fre­ quently publish good in-depth reviews of cancer topics, and published sym­ posium lectures are often the best overviews available. Unfortunately, these reviews and supplements appear sporadically, and the reader can never be sure when a topic of special interest will be covered. Cancer Treatment and Research is a series of authoritative volumes which aim to meet this need. It is an attempt to establish a critical mass of oncology literature covering virtually all oncology topics, revised frequently to keep the coverage up to date, easily available on a single library shelf or by a single personal subscription. We have approached the problem in the following fashion. First, by divid­ ing the oncology literature into specific subdivisions such as lung cancer, genitourinary cancer, pediatric oncology, etc. Second, by asking eminent authorities in each of these areas to edit a volume on the specific topic on an annual or biannual basis. Each topic and tumor type is covered in a volume appearing frequently and predictably, discussing current diagnosis, staging, markers, all forms of treatment modalities, basic biology, and more.


1. Human Mammary Epithelial Cells in Culture: Differentiation and Transformation.-
2. Heterogeneity of Genetic Alterations in Primary Human Breast Tumors.-
3. Different Mechanisms are Responsible for Oncogene Activation in Human Mammary Neoplasia.-
4. Identification of Oncogenes in Breast Tumors and their Effects on Growth and Differentiation.-
5. Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors in Human Breast Cancer.-
6. Control of Human Breast Cancer by Estrogen, Growth Factors, and Oncogenes.-
7. Actions of Pituitary Prolactin and Insulin-like Growth Factor II in Human Breast Cancer.-
8. Structure and Function of the PS2 Gene and Estrogen Receptor in Human Breast Cancer Cells.-
9. The 52K Cathepsin-D of Breast Cancer: Structure, Regulation, Function and Clinical Value.-
10. Tumor Invasion and Metastases: Biochemical Mechanisms.-
11. Factors Regulating Basement Membrane Invasion by Tumor Cells.-
12. Regulation of Development of the Normal Mammary Gland by Hormones and Growth Factors.-
13. MMTV as a Model for Gene Expression in Mammary Tissue.-
14. The Activation of Cellular Oncogenes by Proviral Insertion in Murine Mammary Cancer.-
15. Steroid Hormone Regulation of Cultured Breast Cancer Cells.-
16. The Role of Epidermal Growth Factor in Normal and Neoplastic Growth of Mouse Mammary Epithelial Cells.-
17. Tumor-associated Growth Factors in Malignant Rodent and Human Mammary Epithelial Cells.


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