Refabricating Architecture

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This thought-provoking book presents a compelling argument for moving architecture from a part-by-part, linear approach to an integrated one that brings together technology, materials, and production methods. Using examples from several industries that have successfully made the change to an integrated component approach, these visionary authors lay the groundwork for a dramatic and much-needed change in the building industry. * Packed with graphics that illustrate how and why change is needed * Examples from the auto, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries illustrating how to improve quality while saving time and money * Redefines the roles of architects, materials scientists, process engineers, and contractors


<H3>Chapter 1: The Process Engineer and the Aesthetics of Architecture<H4>Architecture: Art or Commodity?<H4>The Hand and the Machine<H4>Great Architecture<H4>Equation<H4>Integration - not Segregation<H4>Tools of the Process Engineer<H4>An Example: The Car<H4>Result: Higher Quality<H4>Master Building<H3>Chapter 2: Role Reminders in the New World<H4>Architect<H4>Contractor<H4>Materials Scientist<H4>Product Engineer<H3>Chapter 3: Enabling Systems as Regulatory Structure<H4>Enabling Communications<H4>Information Management/Representation/Organization<H4>Communications Examples<H3>Chapter 4: Processes We Do Not See<H4>Integrated Component Assembly<H4>Modular Assembly<H4>Grand Blocks<H4>Sectioned Assembly<H4>Architecture of the Joint<H3>Chapter 5: Architecture<H4>Lessons of Modernism<H4>Mass Production<H4>Mass Customization<H4>Present Realities<H4>Transfer Processes<H4>Transfer Materials<H3>Chapter 6: Mass Customization of Architecture<H4>Evolution<H4>Building Blocks<H4>Panel Methods<H4>Architecture, Not Building<H4>Case Study 1: Grand Block Method<H4>Case Study 2: Panel Method<H3>Chapter 7: Evolution Not Revolution<H4>Evolutionary Architecture<H4>How<H4>When


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Excerpts from Get Smart section of magazine by Barbara Flanagan Implacable sculpture made by ancient methods is no way to build now, say architects Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake...the partners claim that a new industrial revolution ought to transform the way buildings are planned, designed, constructed, and operated. In short, they want to redesign design. Why do ships, cars, planes, and spaceships keep getting better, while buildings don't budge? Part of the problem is that architects don't fully exploit "transfer technologies" -- that is they don't mine fields outside their niche. To speed the progress, Kieran Timberlake tries to turn down projects with "obvious" solutions and has, for the past two years, run a tiny inhouse think tank for nonapplied research... SmartWrap, exhibited last fall at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, is one fruit of the 55-person firm's collaboration with students and with manufacturers such as DuPont. The project, resembling gift-wrapped scaffolding, showcased a "first-generation prototype" of a potential building material that absorbs energy and then uses it to heat, cool, light, decorate, and communicate. ... ...the firm's proudest achievement is the new addition to Penn's engineering school. Their plot to undermine architecture emerges in their new book refabricating Architecture.
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