The Winner's Guide to Optimist Sailing

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Written by one of the best-known figures in all of sailing and a leading authority on Optimist sailing and racing, "The Winner's Guide to Optimist Sailing "is the ideal training manual for young skippers, their parents, and their coaches. The most comprehensive sailing guide to the International Optimist dinghy class features: Step-by-step instructions on every aspect of beginning sailing More than 100 stunning photographs and helpful illustrations Useful tips and winning tactics for competitive racing Special advice sections for parents and coaches


Introduction by Joni Palmer, Executive Director, U.S. Optimist Dinghy Association
Part I: Welcome to Optimist Sailing
Optimist Fun
How the Optimist Came to Be
Part II: Getting Started
The Boat and Equipment
Parts of the Boat
Lines and Equipment
Boating Etiquette
Knots for Optimists
Square KnotSquare Knot with KeeperBowlineClove HitchOne-Design KnotTying to a CleatStopper KnotTransporting Your Dinghy
ChecklistCare of Boat and Rig
Part III: Let's Go Sailing
How a Boat Sails
The Points of Sailing
Preparation Before Sailing
Changes in Course
Basic Tips
Where Do You Sit When Sailing?How Do You Hold the Tiller?How Do You Hold the Mainsheet?How Do You Turn the Boat?Launching
Windward Shore TipsLeeward Shore TipsFinal PreparationOn the Water
Sailing on a ReachTackingRunningJibingUpwindLandingAcceleration, Slowing Down, and StoppingSailing Out of the No-Go ZoneWeather Awareness
Reading the WindWaves, Current, and Tides
WavesCurrentTidesPart IV: Fine-Tuning Your Skills
Going Faster
Rigging the Racing Rig
Sail Shape
Tying On Your Sail
Sailing to Windward
Sailing on a Reach
Sailing on a Run
Things to Avoid Downwind
Meeting an Obstruction
Basic Rules of the Road
Starboard Tack Has Right-of-WayTacking (or Jibing) Boat Must Stay ClearSame Tack--OverlappedSame Tack--Not OverlappedPowerboats Must Stay Clear of SailboatsOther Rules and Tips
Part V: Racing
First Race
Fast Starts
Starting in Light Wind
Determining Where to Start
Port-Tack Start
Dip Start
Barging Start
Starting Line Exits
Upwind Tactics
Approaching the Windward Mark
The Reaching Leg
The Run
Rounding the Leeward Mark
Fast Finishes
Dealing with Protests
Subtle Strategies
Your Health and Fitness for Sailing
Physical Fitness
Eating Right
Sleeping RIght
Part VI: Coaching Opti Sailing
Coaching Young Sailors
Teaching Format
On-the-Water Coaching Techniques
Instructor's Safety Review
Drills to Improve Boat Handling
Drills to Improve Speed
Practicing Alone
Practicing in Pairs
Practicing in a Fleet
Part VII: For Parents Only
OptiMania: A Note for Parents
Tips for Parents: Preparing for Opti Regattas
Part VIII: The Eternal Optimist
The Eternal Optimist
ClassesHandicap Racing/One-Design OffshoreScholastic SailingCollegiate SailingThe OlympicsThe America's Cup and Match RacingTeam RacingDay SailingCruisingGlossary
About the Authors


Gary Jobson is a world-class sailor, ESPN television commentator, and author. A former sailing coach at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the U.S. Naval Academy, he is the winner of ten national titles and three America's Cup campaigns. AUTHOR HOMETOWN: Annapolis, MD
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