The Home Buyer's Advisor: A Handbook for First-Time Buyers and Second-Home Investors

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Februar 2004



An all-in-one guidebook for every home buyerThe Home Buyers Advisor prepares the first-time home buyer for the biggest investment they will ever likely make, and advises current homeowners about how to profitably use their home as a foundation for other real estate investments. Its packed with practical information so home buyers know everything they need to know before they make their big decision, including proven methods for lowering their down payments, getting their financial situation in order, and avoiding the most common pitfalls. It also offers true stories from successful real estate investors and pertinent question and answer sections at the end of each chapter.Andrew Mclean (Gulfport, MS) is coauthor of the bestselling Investing in Real Estate, now in its fourth edition. He holds a bachelors degree in business administration, and currently buys and remodels real estate in Las Vegas and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. INTRODUCTION. PART I: THE PRELIMINARIES. CHAPTER 1: Why Buying a Home Is a Great Investment. CHAPTER 2: Basic Guidelines for Successful Home Buying. PART II: FINANCE 101-HOW TO GET THE MONEY YOU NEED. CHAPTER 3: The Mortgage Alternatives. CHAPTER 4: Getting Financing. PART III: CHOOSING THE IDEAL HOUSE. CHAPTER 5: Which House Is Right for You? CHAPTER 6: The Resale House. CHAPTER 7: Other Home Choices. PART IV: TEAM MEMBERS, GUIDELINES, AND VALUATION. CHAPTER 8: Selecting Your Real Estate Team. CHAPTER 9: Key Guidelines to Making a Superior Investment. CHAPTER 10: Appraisal-How to Determine Value. PART V: THE SOURCES. CHAPTER 11: Where to Find Your Diamond in the Rough. CHAPTER 12: How to Buy Foreclosures. CHAPTER 13: How to Buy HUD Homes and VA Repossessions. PART VI: THE MIDDLE GAME. CHAPTER 14: How to Negotiate a Winning Deal. CHAPTER 15: Protecting Your Home. CHAPTER 16: The Closing and Escrow. CHAPTER 17: Wise Things to Do after You Buy. CHAPTER 18: Fixing Up the Fixer-Upper. PART VII: THE END GAME. CHAPTER 19: Profitable Holding Strategies. CHAPTER 20: Property Management. CHAPTER 21: Selling Your Property. CHAPTER 22: Pay Less Tax. CHAPTER 23: Advanced Investment Strategies: Your Second Property, and Beyond. APPENDIX A: USEFUL FORMS. APPENDIX B: WEB SITES. BIBLIOGRAPHY. INDEX.


ANDREW JAMES McLEAN is the coauthor of the Wiley bestseller Investing in Real Estate, which has sold more than 100,000 copies. He is currently an active investor in the Las Vegas and Mississippi Gulf Coast real estate markets. He holds a BA in business administration from Michigan State University.
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