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A superb resource for speech contests, acting exercises, auditions or audience entertainment. In a stage review, these short monologs can be to theatre what Dave Barry is to journalism. Warm, funny, and best of all--reall Fifty-five characterizations for girls, boys or either. Any young person will relate to the topics of these scripts. And they will like them as performance material that is "scarefree." A fresh, insightful book of "nontheatrical" monologs. Sample titles: Call Waiting, Wallflower, Tomboy, Graduation, The Actress, Camp Cancanoogo, Boarding School, Commando, Boy Crazy, I'm Shy, Running Away, Caught!, Wanna Be, Charlie's a Nerd.


Stephanie S Fairbanks
EAN: 9781566080200
ISBN: 1566080207
Untertitel: Solo Scenes for Student Actors. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Christian Publishers LLC
Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 1996
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