Basketball Fundamentals

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This title teaches basic offensive skills so that students get an immediate sense of where they belong on the court and what to do when they get the ball. Chapters are devoted to mastering specific skills including lay-ups, perimeter shooting, passing, dribbling, screening, and rebounding.


Individual offense; inside shots; outside shots; passing; dribbling; screening; individual defense; rebounding; full-court offense; half-court offense; inbounding the ball; team defense.


This product was authored by Human Kinetics based on the contributions of: Jon A. Oliver is an assistant professor of physical education at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, where he teaches beginning and intermediate basketball classes. After competing in high school basketball in Indiana as a player, Jon accumulated a broad range of basketball teaching experience at the educational, recreational, and competitive levels.
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Untertitel: A Better Way to Learn the Basics. 60 black & white illustrations, 97 black & white halftones. Sprache: Englisch.
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