Living Life with Diabetes

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Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of four, John Keeler's life subsequently has been marked by a determination to make it as rich and complete as possible. A wise, personal account of his successful struggles with this life-threatening illness, Living Life with Diabetes details the too often ignored psychological and emotional aspects of the condition. Full of insights for sufferers and their families and friends, Living Life with Diabetes sheds light on relationships with the medical profession and problems often encountered, as well as often overlooked difficulties of living with the disease.


About the author. Foreword. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. He couldn't want so much water. 2. Why me? 3. When did you last hear an orange say 'Ouch!'? 4. You 'should' be doing better. 5. Eight square meals a day. 6. You could be worse off ! 7. Famine to a feast. 8. Steering my own ship. 9. That!! 10. Living on my own. 11. But this is the hand I shoot with ... 12. Egg-sized potatoes and a cupful of crisps. 13. Nobody told the bumblebee ... 14. Everything's alright ... 15. Parting shots. Appendix: painting by numbers. Glossary. Index.


Born in Dublin in 1970, John Keeler was diagnosed with diabetes on 15 May 1975. He went to the BDA's (British Diabetes Association, now Diabetes UK) Youth Diabetic Weekend in 1996, and since then he became more involved with people with diabetes. He has facilitated many small groups both in Ireland and England, has been involved in the setting up of Ireland's young person's groups, counselled people with the condition, and has been a voluntary leader on many children's and teenager's diabetic camps. John edited Identity (the magazine of the DFI [Diabetes Federation of Ireland]), now called Diabetes Ireland, from 2000 to 2001, and in 2001 he had an article published about his exploits at the European Masters Swimming Championships that year in Majorca, Spain, where he competed, published in Diabetes Voice, the magazine of the International Diabetes Federation (which is published in English, French and Spanish), where he competed. In addition, he was a member of the record breaking 'Four Peaks Challenge' team in 1997, has competed at the Irish judo championships, as well as many international club swim meets/galas. John has, at various times, played soccer, Gaelic football, judo, qualified as a lifeguard, taught children how to swim, completed a distance learning course in social sciences, gained a qualification in counselling, and plans to go into counselling/psychology professionally, to work especially with people with diabetes.


"...honest and heart-warming..." (Diabetes Federation of Ireland Magazine, March 2004) "...packed with humorous and painful anecdotes...a useful resources for diabetics, their families and friends..." (Sunderland Echo, 21 April 2004) "...a valuable tale about one man's determination to accept and overcome the problems associated with the disease..." (Accident & Emergency Nursing, No.13, 2005)
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