Perspectives on Practice and Meaning in Mathematics and Science Classrooms

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März 2001



This is a variegated picture of science and mathematics classrooms that challenges a research tradition that converges on the truth. The reader is surrounded with different images of the classroom and will find his beliefs confirmed or challenged. The book is for educational researchers, research students, and practitioners with an interest in optimizing the effectiveness of classrooms as environments for learning.


Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Negotiating Meanings - An Introduction; D. Clarke. 2. Complementary Accounts Methodology; D. Clarke. 3. Untangling Uncertainty, Negotiation, and Intersubjectivity; D. Clarke. 4. Accounting for Accounts of Learning Mathematics: Reading the ZPD in Videos and Transcripts; S. Lerman. 5. Mathematical Interactions and Their Influence on Learning; D. Holton, G. Thomas. 6. Interest in Learning and Classroom Interactions; M. Ainley. 7. Cognitive Engagement in the Mathematics Classroom; S. Helme, D. Clarke. 8. Measuring Values in Classroom Teaching and Learning; C. Lewis-Shaw. 9. Opportunities to Learn Science? Multiple Contexts at Work in a Science Classroom; S. Rodrigues. 10. The Role of Gesture in Co-constructing Mathematical Understanding; R. Reeve, F. Reynolds. 11. Learning and Teaching: From Ignorance to Understanding; J. Baird. 12. Teaching/Learning; D. Clark. Appendices. Author Index. Subject Index.
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