Visual Basic.Net Developer's Headstart

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September 2001



A Developer's Resource for Building and Implementing a Visual Basic.NET StrategyCreate powerful and complex applications using this hard-core and practical resource. You'll learn how to take advantage of Visual Basic.NET's powerful new object-oriented features and understand the core differences between VB and VB.NET. Divided into seven easy-to-navigate chapters, "Visual Basic.NET Developer's Headstart is designed to deliver expert information, tips, and advice for migrating and implementing Visual Basic.NET applications.Key topics include: Visual Basic.NET overview Comparing Visual Basic.NET to Visual Basic 6, Delphi, Java, and C# Migrating existing code to Visual Basic.NET Understanding the Common Language Runtime and the Common Language Specification Unveil the power of Visual Basic.NET. Discover how to build robust applications.Important coverage includes: Inheritance Polymorphism Encapsulation Arrays Strings Win Forms Web Forms Web Services Serialization Legacy code integration


Ch. 1: Visual Basic.NET Overview Ch. 2: The Visual Basic.NET Language Ch. 3: Visual Basic.NET OO Features Ch. 4: Visual Basic.NET and the Common Language Runtime Ch. 5: Visual Basic.NET Language Comparisons Ch. 6: Visual Basic.NET in Action Ch. 7: Migration, Integration, and Interop


Jeffrey R. Shapiro (Boca Raton, FL) has been a consulting engineer and IT specialist for more than 13 years. He has written several books on software development and technology and has written numerous articles on technology for magazines such as Call Centre and Network World. A frequent speaker at technology conferences, such as Software Development, Jeffrey has worked with hundreds of companies such as Microsoft, Novell and IBM, a number of public institutions and several governments. Jeffrey is also the author of Osborne's SQL Server 2000: The Complete Reference. Jason Beres (Boca Raton, FL) has been an application developer and consultant for more than 10 years. As a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and Microsoft Certified Trainer, Jason has a vast arsenal in providing a complete solution for his customers and students. Jason is a frequently requested speaker at events such as Microsoft Developer Days and a variety of South Florida computer Users Groups.
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