Visual Basic.Net: A Beginner's Guide

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Februar 2002



Explains the .NET integrated development environment, including Web services, and debugging. This book provides a step-by-step learning tool for the core topics - and information on migrating existing projects to Visual Basic.NET. It delivers hands-on learning for the programming skills necessary to succeed in the e-business community.


PART 1: Introduction to Visual Basic .NET 1: What Is Visual Basic .NET? 2: Create A Visual Basic .NET Program Without Writing Code 3: Event Procedures, Properties, and Controls PART 2: Programming Building Blocks: Variables, Data Types, and Operators 4: Variables and Data Types 5: Assignment and Arithmetic Operators 6: Comparison and Logical Operators PART 3: Controlling the Flow of the Program 7: Control Structures 8: Loops and Arrays 9: Procedures PART 4: The User Interface 10: Helper Forms 11: Menus and Toolbars PART 5: Error Handling and Prevention 12: Structured Exception Handling and Debugging


Jeff Kent (Los Angeles, CA) is an assistant professor of computer science at Los Angeles Valley College. He teaches a number of programming languages, including Visual Basic, C++, and Java. In addition to teaching and other college duties, Jeff also manages a Windows NT network for a Los Angeles law firm and writes applications that integrate programming language applications, such as the Microsoft Office suite and Internet technologies. Jeff co-authored with David Jung Osborne's Visual Basic Annotated Archives.
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