Great Jobs for Film Majors

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Every college major has special qualities that equip students with valuable skills and training. This training is perfect for a wide range of careers. The Great Jobs series helps students to make the most of their major, with help to: . . Assess talents and skills for a job . Target the perfect career . Perfect the job search . Explore a wide range of career options . Present college majors as workplace assets . And much more! . .


Sandra Gordon is an Emmy Award winning producer, currently working in post-production in Chicago. With her Bachelors Degree from Ithaca College's Roy H. Park School of Communications, she began her career in film with internships at broadcast stations, production companies and feature films in the U.S. and U.K. After paying jobs in the locations department on feature films ("Rudy", "The Hudsucker Proxy", "Baby's Day Out"), her journey led her to Production Manager for international events (World Cup Soccer 1994, Atlanta Paralympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies). Working her way up from secretary to Producer at a corporate video company, Sandra moved to Los Angeles to further pursue film and television production. There she worked on specials for KCOP-TV 13-- leading her to receive the EMMY for the special "Ragtime: The American Dream". After moving on to feature films and television series ("Party of Five", "Early Edition", "Return to Me"), she began her current position as producer in post production at the Whitehouse in Chicago. Her moves within the film community and between cities have put her in a position to act as a mentor and advisor to many who are starting their careers in entertainment. She remains very active in the Illinois film community, is a board member of the Illinois Production Alliance, and a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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