The New Annals of the Civil War

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Februar 2004



Selected from nearly 700 articles that first appeared in the "Philadelphia Weekly Times" from 1877 to 1889 Corrections of misconceptions about the Civil War Compelling perspectives on familiar campaigns, personalities, and controversies With articles by leading figures and numerous illustrations, "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War" (0-252-02404-4) remains one of the most cherished works on the war. In the same spirit and tradition as that venerable collection, Peter Cozzens and Robert Girardi have selected the very best articles from the "Weekly Times."


Peter Cozzens is a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State and the author of several acclaimed books on the Civil War and Western history, including the trilogy The Civil War in the West and General John Pope: A Life for the Nation. Robert I. Girardi is a Chicago police detective, Civil War historian, and president of the Chicago Civil War Round Table. The two previously collaborated on The Military Memoirs of General John Pope.

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