Symbolic Blackness and Ethnic Difference in Early Christian Literature: Blackened by Their Sins: Early Christian Ethno-Political Rhetorics about Egypt

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There has been growing interest in recent years in the presence and image of blacks and blackness in classical antiquity. This pioneering and much-needed work is the first to survey and theorize blacks as seen by early Christian writers. Byron creates a solid and original foundation of theoretical arguments as the basis for her discussion of the presence of blacks in Christian antiquity. Her presentation of the critical analysis and sources side by side encourages the reader to engage with the material in a more sophisticated way.


Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations Introduction Part I: Developing a Taxonomy of Ethno-Political Rhetorics 1. Interpreting Ethnic and Color Differences in Early Christian Writings 2. Egyptians, Ethiopians, Blacks and Blackness in Greco-Roman Literature Part II: Reading Ethno-Political Rhetorics in Early Christian Literature 3. 'We Were Ethiopians in our Vices and Sins': Etho-Political Rhetorics Defining Vices and Sins 4. 'Stirring up the Passions': Ethno-Political Rhetorics Defining Sexual Threats 5. 'Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia': Ethno-Political Rhetorics Defining Insiders and Outsiders Conclusion Notes Bibliography Indexes


"Composed of an introduction and two thematic parts, this monograph provides a fresh and distintive appoach to discursive 'othering' in the writing of early Christianity."-Journal of the American Academy of Religion
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