The Moralisation of Tourism: Sun, Sand... and Saving the World?

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November 2002



This work seeks to respond to some of the criticism made at tourism in recent times. It focuses on the counter position of 'new' forms of tourism--ecotourism, alternative tourism, community tourism and ethical tourism--which have been presented as morally superior alternatives to the package holiday. Using a host of international examples it examines what the advocates of 'new tourism' see as being wrong with mass tourism and looks critically at the claims made for the new alternatives.


Introduction; Chapter 1. Mass Tourism; Chapter 2. What's new? - Traveller, tourist and the moral debate; Chapter 3. The hosts: fragile places, fragile people?; Chapter 4. The tourists: too much freedom?; Chapter 5. The cultural sensibilities of the New Moral Tourist; Chapter 6. Travelling for a change: global culture and the ethical tourist; Chapter 7. The moralisation of tourism, the Third World and development, Postscript: Re-presenting tourism


'Jim Butcher is a fresh and rare voice in a world determined to turn us all into guilt ridden eco-tourists. Don't go on your next holiday without it'. - Dea Birkett, travel writer and author of 'Serpent in Paradise' 'The Moralisation of Tourism is a long overdue and refreshingly bold critique of the politically-correct yet contested 'new tourism' paradigm. Original, thought-provoking and entertaining, it argues powerfully for a more pragmatic perspective on tourism; it is essential reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the role and meaning of tourism in global society.' - Richard Sharpley, Reader in Travel and Tourism Management, Northumbria University, UK
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