Kameleon Man

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Dezember 2003



Jessica Marsh, who is fifteen and "hasn't lost her baby-fat yet," lives with her mother on the top floor of a hundred-year-old triplex in Parkdale, a multicultural area in Toronto. Being an ear-witness to a murder is frightening, but when Raffi, a gentle black man who is her mother's boyfriend, is arrested as the killer, Jess is terrified.


Kim Barry Brunhuber is a writer, television reporter, and documentary filmmaker. Born in Montreal, he lives in Ottawa splitting his time between Canada and Africa, writing and making documentaries. His news stories have been broadcast around the globe, and his articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Canada and South Africa. Kameleon Man was a finalist for the national 2004 ReLit Award and the 2004 Ottawa Book Award.


I'm at the top of the T, next to the red beach chair. I ignore it, edge carefully around it, pretend it's not there, smiling the whole way. Most guys on the runway don't smile. They try to play cool: smirk, jaw clenched like a fist, hair by "stylists," attitude by Armani. They creep around the runway in a seductive slouch, or else strut a slow goose step, chest out, butt in, fooling no one. This ain't Milan. You can't be cocky in rugby pants, shirts with crests, reversible belts. A big-time model came up from New York to give a runway workshop back when I was starting out, and he told us never to smile; it shows you've got something to hide. But this is Oakmont, not New York, and they book me every season for this crap, and smiling's got everything to do with it. When I'm on the runway, it's as if I'm walking past the girl at the bar who I've been eyeing all night. And just when she thinks I'm going to pass her by--blam! Turn and give her the smile.
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