The Origins of Islamic Law: The Qur'an, the Muwatta' and Madinan Amal

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Juli 2002



If the Qur'an is the first written formulation of Islam in general, Malik's "Muwatta'" is arguably the first written formulation of the Islam-in-practice' that becomes Islamic law. This book considers the methods used by Malik in the "Muwatta'" to derive the judgements of the law from the Qur'an and is thus concerned on one level with the finer details of Qur'anic interpretation. However, since any discussion of the Qur'an in this context must also include considerations of the other main source of Islamic law, namely the "sunna," or normative practice, of the Prophet, this latter concept, especially its relationship to the terms of had th and amal (traditions' and living tradition'), also receives considerable attention, and in many respects, this book is more about the history and development of Islamic law than it is about the science of Qur'anic interpretation.


Introduction 1. Malik and Madina 2. The Muwatta' 3. The 'Amal of the People of Madina 4. Textual Considerations 5. The Qur'an as a Source of Judgements in the Muwatta' 6. Techniques of Qur'anic interpretation in the Muwatta 7. Chronological Considerations 8. Qur'an and Sunna 9. Sunna versus Hadith Conclusions


'A significant contribution that sheds important light on the origins of Islamic law. Dutton represents a new generation of Islamic legal scholarship and makes a significant contribution to a more sophisticated understanding of early Islamic jurisprudence. His book should be read by all specialists in Islamic law.' - Khaled Abou El Fadl, International Journal of Middle East Studies
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