Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations, Spectral Theory, and Wavelet Transformations

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Oktober 2003



This volume focuses on recent developments in non-linear and hyperbolic equations. In the first contribution, the singularities of the solutions of several classes of non-linear partial differential equations are investigated. Applications concern the Monge-Ampère equation, quasi-linear systems arising in fluid mechanics as well as integro-differential equations for media with memory. There follows an article on L_p-L_q decay estimates for Klein-Gordon equations with time-dependent coefficients, explaining, in particular, the influence of the relation between the mass term and the wave propagation speed. The next paper addresses questions of local existence of solutions, blow-up criteria, and C8 regularity for quasilinear weakly hyperbolic equations. Spectral theory of semibounded selfadjoint operators is the topic of a further contribution, providing upper and lower bounds for the bottom eigenvalue as well as an upper bound for the second eigenvalue in terms of capacitary estimates.


Nonlinear PDE. Singularities, Propagation, Applications.- From Wave to Klein-Gordon Type Decay Rates.- Local Solutions to Quasi-linear Weakly Hyperbolic Differential Equations.- An Approach to a Version of the S(M, g)-pseudo-differential Calculus on Manifolds.- Spectral Invariance and Submultiplicativity for the Algebras of S(M, g)-pseudo-differential Operators on Manifolds.- Domain Perturbations and Capacity in General Hilbert Spaces and Applications to Spectral Theory.- An Interpolation Family between Gabor and Wavelet Transformations. Application to Differential Calculus and Construction of Anisotropic Banach Spaces.- Formes de torsion analytique et fibrations singulières.- Regularisation of Secondary Characteristic Classes and Unusual Index Formulas for Operator-valued Symbols.
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