Handbook on Knowledge Management 2

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As the most comprehensive reference work dealing with knowledge management (KM), this work is essential for the library of every KM practitioner, researcher, and educator. Written by an international array of KM luminaries, its approx. 60 chapters approach knowledge management from a wide variety of perspectives ranging from classic foundations to cutting-edge thought, informative to provocative, theoretical to practical, historical to futuristic, human to technological, and operational to strategic. The chapters are conveniently organized into 8 major sections. The second volume consists of the sections: technologies for knowledge management, outcomes of KM, knowledge management in action, and the KM horizon. Novices and experts alike will refer to the authoritative and stimulating content again and again for years to come.


V. Technologies for Knowledge Management.- 33 Tracking the Role and Evolution of Commercial Knowledge Management Software.- 34 Technologies for Knowledge Storage and Assimilation.- 35 Knowledge Processes and Meta Processes in Ontology-Based Knowledge Management.- 36 Knowledge Searching and Services.- 37 Technology for Acquiring and Sharing Knowledge Assets.- 38 Technologies for Disseminating Knowledge.- 39 Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management.- 40 Technologies for Knowledge Derivation: On-Line Analytical Processing.- 41 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.- VI. Outcomes of Knowledge Management.- 42 The Dynamic Capabilities of Firms.- 43 The Knowledge Chain Model: Activities for Competitiveness.- 44 Achieving Knowledge Management Outcomes.- 45 Exploiting Knowledge for Productivity Gains.- 46 Knowledge Management and Agility: Relationship and Roles.- 47 An Atlas for Knowledge Innovation: Migration from Business Planning to Innovation Strategy.- 48 Valuing the Knowledge Management Function.- 49 A Guide for Measuring the Value of KM Investments.- VII. Knowledge Management in Action.- 50 Knowledge Management in Organizations: The State of Current Practice.- 51 Successful KM Implementations: A Study of Best Practice Organizations.- 52 The Knowledge Strategy Process.- 53 The Force of Knowledge: A Case Study of KM Implementation in the Department of Navy.- 54 From Inventions Management to Intellectual Capital Management at The Dow Chemical Company: A 100+ Year Journey.- 55 Driving Knowledge Management at Ford Motor Company.- 56 Managing Intellectual Capital - via E-Learning - at Cisco.- 57 Transforming Theory into Fact: Hands-On Knowledge Management Initiatives Built on a Reinsurer's Pile of Junk.- 58 Knowledge Flow through a Military Joint Task Force Operation.- 59 Building a Knowledge Management Foundation at Microsoft Consulting Services.- VIII. The Knowledge Management Horizon.- 60 Knowledge Management Education: An Overview of Programs and Instruction.- 61 Evolving Business Forms for the Knowledge Economy.- 62 Designing the Knowledge Organization of the Future: The Intelligent Complex Adaptive System.- 63 Commercialization: The Next Phase of Knowledge Management.- 64 The Convergence of Electronic Business and Knowledge Management.- 65 The Curious Success of Knowledge Management.- Keyword Index.
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