Social Marketing: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

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Mai 1997



Addressing a diverse set of societal concerns ranging from organ donation to violence in sports, from efforts to promote safe sex and family planning, this volume addresses theoretical and empirical issues in order to discern how to use marketing for application in social marketing.


Contents: Preface. Part I: Paradigms/Perspectives. A. Andreasen, Challenges for the Science and Practice of Social Marketing. W.A. Smith, Social Marketing: Beyond the Nostalgia. M. Stead, G. Hastings, Advertising in the Social Marketing Mix: Getting the Balance Right. R. Hornik, Public Health Education and Communication as Policy Instruments for Bringing About Changes in Behavior. Part II: Methodological Issues/Psychographic Segmentation. G.I. Balch, S.M. Sutton, Keep Me Posted: A Plea for Practical Evaluation. J.P. Baggaley, From Madison Avenue to the Field: Cross-Cultural Uses of Media Research Technology. M.R. Swenson, W.D. Wells, Useful Correlates of Pro-Environmental Behavior. C. Currence, Demographic and Lifestyle Data: A Practical Application to Stimulating Compliance With Mammography Guidelines Among Poor Women. Part III: Fighting Aids/Promoting Family Planning. M. Fishbein, C. Guenther-Grey, W. Johnson, R.J. Wolitski, A. McAlister, C.A. Rietmeijer, K. O'Reilly, The AIDS Community Demonstration Projects, Using a Theory-Based Community Intervention to Reduce AIDS Risk Behaviors: The CDC's AIDS Community Demonstration Projects. P.D. Harvey, Advertising Affordable Contraceptives: The Social Marketing Experience. D.W. Dahl, G.J. Gorn, C.B Weinberg, Marketing, Safer Sex, and Condom Acquisition. Part IV: Antismoking Efforts. C. Pechmann, Does Antismoking Advertising Combat Underage Smoking? A Review of Past Practices and Research. J.H. Mintz, N. Layne, R. Ladouceur, J. Hazel, M. Desrosiers, Social Advertising and Tobacco Demand Reduction in Canada. L.T. Kozlowski, C.T. Sweeney, Low Yield, Light, and Ultra Light Cigarettes: Let's Understand the Product Before We Promote. J.B. Cohen, The Dangers of Advertising Low Tar Cigarettes: Let's Understand What Consumers Understand. Part V: Three Differing Institutional Approaches: Government, Nongovernment Organizations, Private Corporations. F. Kroger, J.W. McKenna, M. Shepherd, E.H. Howze, D.S. Knight, Marketing Public Health: The CDC Experience. S.E. Middlestadt, C. Schechter, J. Peyton, B. Tjugum, Community Involvement in Health Planning: Lessons Learned From Practicing Social Marketing in a Context of Community Control, Participation and Ownership. P.N. Bloom, P.Y. Hussein, L.R. Szykman, The Benefits of Corporate Social Marketing Initiatives. Part VI: The Broad Potential of Social Marketing. M.E. Goldberg, O. Sandikci, D. Litvack, Reducing the Level of Violence in Hockey. J.A. Flora, C. Schooler, R.M. Pierson, Effective Health Promotion Among Communities of Color: The Potential of Social Marketing. J. Prottas, Advertising and Its Role in Organ Donation. J.B. Kernan, T.J. Domzal, Hippocrates to Hermes: The Postmodern Turn in Public Health Advertising.
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