The Attack on Christianity: The Misrepresentation of History and the Sources of Anti-Semitism

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Oktober 2003



What do Nubuchadnezzar, Herodotus, John Chrysostom, Caesar, Voltaire, and Hitler have in common?
They all hated and persecuted Jews.
What don't they have in common?
Christianity, for one thing.

Andrew J. Hurley examines history from Babylon to Berlin and the writings of mainstream Jewish scholars to reassess the common belief that Christianity and its supposed doctrine of "deicide" are the sources of anti-Semitism.

His surprising discovery is that this cannot be true. Anti-Semitism existed centuries before the birth of Christ. Even in the Christian era, many of the most strident anti-Semites have not been Christians. In fact, defenders of Jewish rights have held the highest positions in Church and state hierarchies.

If this is so, what are the real sources of anti-Semitism?

Hurley cites first-hand accounts and histories ancient and modern to examine the relations between Jews, Christians, and other gentiles. What he finds is a pattern of human xenophobia that transcends race, creed, and time - and to which not even Jews have been immune.

Hurley's evaluation of historic anti-Semitism will surprise some and outrage others. Mr. Hurley says that unless we identify the true sources of anti-Semitism, they will continue to plague us - as they have since the days of Abraham.
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