Continental Church Furniture in England: A Traffic in Piety

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Januar 2002



The first book to be published on the subject with over 350 superb black and white illustrations and 20 colour photographs. It is the result of over ten years' reserach, written by a leading authority on church furniture. It will be of interest to furniture and art historians, museums, libraries, Puginians and students of the English


Charles Tracy completed his Ph.D. thesis at the Courtauld Institute on English Gothic choir-stalls. Since then he has extensively researched the largely ignored subject of English medieval church furniture and woodwork. He is the author of the two volume study, English Gothic Choir-Stalls, 1200-1540, and the Catalogue of English Medieval Furniture and Woodwork for the V & A Museum. In addition he has published many articles in learned journals on related topics, from the Watching Chamber at St. Alban's Cathedral to the early 14th century painted screen at Kingston Lacy, Dorset. His interest in Continental church furniture of all periods goes back over ten years and he has made a particular study of the material in Belgium and France.


"This great wealth of works of art is scattered all over the country, adding enormously to the beauty and interest of our churches. This book alerts readers to their existence and invites them to go and admire them." - The Tablet "Now that it has been published and is available for review it must be mentioned again as a quite outstanding contribution to ecclesiological studies" - Ancient Monument Society
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