Rheology of the Earth

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Beginning with basic principles, this advanced text gives a complete treatment of deformation and flow of earth materials from both the continuum mechanics and the microphysical viewpoints. It covers the role and consequences of rheological processes in geophysics and geodynamics in a quantitative and authoritative manner. The second edition of this successful text: provides the only unified treatment of the rheology of the Earth at this level, making it useful to students and researchers alike; includes discussions of seismology, mantle convection and plate tectonics; is completely up to date, providing a much needed account of thermal and mechanical processes in geodynamics.


Preface. Introduction to the second edition. Introduction to the first edition. Part One: Rheology of Continua. 1. Continuum mechanics and rheology. 2. Stress, deformation and strain. 3. Elasticity. 4. Flow, strain rate and viscosity. 5. Strength, failure and plasticity. Part Two: The Continuum Approach to Earth Rheology. 6. The short timescale: seismological Earth models. 7. Temperature and heat transfer. 8. The long timescale: geodynamics and plate tectonics. Part Three: The Microphysical Approach to Earth Rheology. 9. The atomic basis of deformation. 10. Creep of polycrystals at high temperature and pressure. 11. Deformation maps and isomechanical groups. 12. Earth rheology from microphysics. References. Acknowledgements. Index.


Reviews of the first edition:
`offers an introduction to the physical principles underlying rheological studies, and an up-to-date review of their applications in geophysics and tectonics.'
`Professor Ranalli's work will be a valuable handbook to many geologists and geophysicists who wish to gain insight into current thinking on the rheological aspects of 'Bodynamics'.'
British Geologist
`The book is well-organized and pedagogical.'
`The author has identified a gap in the literature that needed filling... The book is well organized, and clearly and carefully written... it is also rigorous and systematic... I enjoyed reading it and strongly recommend it...'
`this is a very good book.'
Earth Science Review
`A well-written overview of whole Earth geophysics is provided, under the umbrella of Rheology of the Earth.'
Geological Magazine

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