Spin-orbit Coupling Effects in Two-dimensional Electron and Hole Systems

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Oktober 2003



Spin-orbit coupling makes the spin degree of freedom respond to its orbital environment. In solids this yields such intriguing phenomena as a spin splitting of electron states in inversion-asymmetric systems even at zero magnetic field and a Zeeman splitting that is significantly enhanced in magnitude over that for free electrons. This book describes spin-orbit coupling effects in quasi-two-dimensional electron and hole systems. The first part provides a general introduction to the electronic structure of quasi-two-dimensional systems with a particular focus on group-theoretical methods. The main part of the monograph is devoted to spin-orbit coupling phenomena at zero and nonzero magnetic fields. Throughout the book, the main focus is on a thorough discussion of the physical ideas and a detailed interpretation of the results. Accurate numerical calculations are complemented by simple and transparent analytical models that capture the important physics.


Introduction.- Band Structure of Semiconductors.- The Extended Kane Model.- Electron and Hole States in Quasi 2D Systems.- Origin of Spin-Orbit Coupling Effects.- Inversion Asymmetry Induced Spin Splitting.- Anisotropic Zeeman Splitting in Quasi 2D Systems.- Landau Levels and Cyclotron Resonance.- Anomalous Magneto-Oscillations.- Conclusions.- Notation and Symbols.- Quasi Degenerate Perturbation Theory.- The Extended Kane Model: Tables.- Band Structure Parameters.


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