Product Management

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August 1997



This book develops a quantitative structured methodology for managing the development of new products for highly competitive markets. Particular attention has been given to integrating a number of experimental tools and concepts within a common framework including marketing research. Taguchi methods, value benchmarking, value engineering, total quality management, activity based costing, concurrent engineering, statistical quality control, systems engineering, and organization treated today as related but separate tools and concepts. The reader should gain an understanding of how these tools complement each other and when they can be used most effectively to aid product decision making.


Product realization in the global marketplace. Motivation and
consumer behaviour. Enterprise model. Definition of quality.
Forecasting the value of future products. Total quality management.
Product planning and quality deployment. Parameter and tolerance
design. Significance of results. Costs. Statistical quality control.
Case study one: NIB1 single attribute thin film. Case study two: NIB2
problems. Case study three: LIB problems. Case study four:
Significance testing multiple attribute problems. Case study five:
Error analysis for direct value (DV) method. Case study six: Use of
the direct value (DV) method when considering multiple attributes
jointly. Appendix A: probability and statistics. Appendix B: design
of experiments.

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