Witchcraft Persecutions in Bavaria

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November 2003



This is a major, groundbreaking study by a leading scholar of continental witchcraft studies, now made available to an English-speaking audience for the first time. The author has compiled a thorough overview of all known prosecutions for witchcraft in the period 1300-1800, and shows conclusively that witch hunting was not a constant or uniform phenomenon: three-quarters of all known executions for witchcraft were concentrated in the years 1586-1630. The book also investigates the social and political implications of witchcraft, and the complex religious debates between believers and skeptics.


Foreword; 1. Introduction; 2. Moving toward a social history of witchcraft; 3. The wave of persecutions around 1590; 4. The struggle for restraint, 1600-30; 5. Perpetuation through domestication, 1630-1775; 6. The final Catholic debate; 7. Conclusions; 8. Sources and literature.


'... ranks alongside earlier ground-breaking works such as those of Thomas, Macfarlane or Midelfort as essential reading for all serious students of the subject'. Bob Scribner, English Historical Review 'Well-nigh definitive as a study of witchcraft prosecutions in south-east Germany between the late Middle Ages and the end of the eighteenth century, Behringer's work also throws dazzling light on the religious, cultural and socio-political background of continental witch-hunting as a whole.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History '... a tour de force of historical research and writing ...'. Journal for the Academic Study of Magic
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