Better Than Life

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November 2003



It s 1968 and Min is planning her 90th birthday party Half the Connar clan isn t speaking to the other half and the town is filled with eccentric characters whose secret and public histories are interwoven with each other and with the history of the town "Better Than Life" celebrates all the blessings and bruisings of blood ties and explores the emotional misfires that can hamper the most precious of human connections with poignancy and wry humour


Margaret Gunning was born in Chatham, Ontario. Her broadly varied writing career began with the publication of a humour column in the 'Hinton Parklander' in 1985. Since then she has published hundreds of articles in periodicals from Victoria to Montreal. Her poetry has been published in blue buffalo, 'Room of One's Own', 'Prism Internationa'l, and 'Capilano Review'. She has also published short-fiction and appeared on numerous radio and television programs. This is her first novel. She currently lives in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

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