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William Sloane Coffin has fought for social justice and argued that faith must be at the heart of political and intellectual life. This is a collection of his most memorable words, spoken over a 40-year ministry. They are not sermons - the longest quotation is probably 300-400 words - but rather sentences and paragraphs that reflect the heart of his message. It is arecord of his remarkable public words on issues ranging from charity and justice, politics, economic issues, the environment and nuclear disarmament, to the meaning of faith, the church and a minister's responsibility.


William Sloane Coffin served as chaplain of Yale University and Williams College, was senior minister of Riverside Church, and is President Emeritus of SANE/FREEZE: Campaign for Global Security. He became famous while at Yale in the 1960s for his opposition to the Vietnam War. He was jailed as a civil rights Freedom Rider, indicted by the U.S. government in the Benjamin Spock conspiracy trial, and has been immortalized as Rev. Sloan in the Doonesbury comic strip.
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