Teaching Old Logs New Tricks: More Absurdities and Realities of Education

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Juli 2000



Formerly published by Peytral Publications'The cartoons are great! Michael Giangreco has done it again with his third book of right-on-target cartoons that make their points better and faster than most lectures.'ùIrene R. McEwen, ProfessorUniversity of OklahomaHealth Sciences Center'Insightful and provocative humor! The cartoons spark smiles and a bit of reflection. Used in workshops and seminars, they initiate laughter. But more important, they prompt conversation.'ùJane Goldoski, Staff Development SpecialistMilwaukee Public Schools, WI'Michael makes me laugh. We need more laughter in the world. As important, Michael makes me think. We need more of that too. Tilting the horizon,áthis bookáclears the mind, providing space for better thinking. Thinking, especially creative thinking, most often begets effective change and, in education today, isn't that what childrenùall childrenùdeserve more than anything?'ùDan Wilkins, ProprietorNth Degree


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