In Corridors of Eternal Time: A Passage Through Grief, a Journal

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As readers of Jan Kolb's previous books know well, the author has had a deeply loving and sacred relationship with her cat, Rochester. He spent his entire life with her as companion, encourager, precious friend, and Angel. With his sudden illness and death, Jan's life was plunged into grief, and she began this book immediately to honor Rochester and help herself and others experiencing grief.

The book is a passage through grief, written in journal form. It is for human grief also, as there is no difference in grief - we all experience it when we lose someone we love. It explores dreams, visions, walking, memory loss, depression, the consolation of cremation, examples of ways humans have grieved for humans, journal writing, ways to help ourselves, and through it all, the passage through days and nights of mourning the physical absence of a beloved companion.

Many do not anticipate that our loved ones' spirits never leave us, even though they have gone to Heaven and await us there. Many do not want to have a continual presence of a loved one who has passed, but many do. For those who are open to this prayerfully, it truly happens, as Jan attests in her experience of the blessing and comfort of Rochester's continuing spiritual presence. This book can bring comfort to those who love deeply and desire this incredible bond.

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