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August 1994



The articles in this proceedings were presented at the 13th International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society held in La Serena, Chile on October 14-16, 1993. A record number of 90 submissions were received this year in response to the call for papers. They came from 19 countries in four continents. The 44 articles presented here were selected by the program committee whose members were Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Chair, Univ. de Chile) Leopoldo Bertossi (U niv. Catolica de Chile) Jorge Boria (Schlumberger, USA & UNICEN, Argentina) Edgardo Broner (Univ. Simon Bolivar, Venezuela) Pere Brunet (Polytechnic of Catalunya, Spain) Jose Blakeley (Texas Instruments, USA) Eduardo Krell (Fundacion Chile) Tomas Lang (Univ. of California at Irvine, USA) Rosana Lanzelotte (PUC-Rio, Brazil) Stefano Levialdi (Univ. di Roma, Italy) Jorge Lobo (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA) Jose Palazzo (UFRGS, Brazil) Christian Queinnec (Poly technique & INRIA, France) Gregory Rawlins (Indiana University, USA) Carlos Scheel (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico) Robbert Van Renesse (Cornell Univ. , USA) The criteria for selection was based primarily on quality; we also considered relevance, clarity and the potential benefit to the community. The contents of these proceedings are organized on six main areas (number of papers in parentheses) : Algorithms and Data Structures (10); Databases and Information Systems (6); Distributed Systems and Computer Architecture (6); Logic and Knowledge (8); Petri Nets (4); and Software Engineering and Programming Languages (10). They also include one invited paper.


Algorithms and Data Structures: Applying Genetic Algorithms to the LoadBalancing Problem (A.A. Freitas et al.). Graph Clustering and Caching (A. Mendelzon et al.). Databases and Information Systems: Hybrid Information Systems (M. Abel et al.). A Semantic Data Model Approach for the Prototyping of Information Systems (M. Campo et al.). Distributed Systems and Computer Architecture: The Role of Object Technology in Distributed Systems (R.M. Soley). Analysis and Control of Computer Systems Distributed in Local Networks (F. Aurtenechea et al.). Logic and Knowledge: Inheritance and Recognition in the Cummulative Typed System for Knowledge Representation SC (D. Ferraz de Aragon et al.). Lexical Error Correction Using Contextual Linguistic Expectations (K. Klebesits, T. Grechenig). Software Engineering and Programming Languages: The Management of a Cooperative Environment (C. Aguiar, A.C. Salgado). Combining Instance and ClassBased Descriptions in Hypermedia Authoring (L.M. Bibbo et al.). 38 additional articles. Index.
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