In the Society of Nature: A Native Ecology in Amazonia

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Oktober 2003



The Achuar Indians of the Upper Amazon have developed sophisticated strategies of resource management. The author documents their knowledge of the environment, and explains how it is interwoven with cosmological ideas that endow nature with the characteristics of society.


General introduction; Part I. The Sphere of Nature: 1. The territorial space; 2. Landscape and cosmos; 3. Nature's beings; Part II. On the Proper Use of Nature: 4. The world of the house; 5. The world of gardens; 6. The world of the forest; 7. The world of the river; 8. Categories of practice; 9. The good life; Conclusion.


' ... an historical and ethnographic contribution to the study of a particularly important area of the New World, at the hinge of Amazonian and Andean high cultures. It is also ... of undoubted theoretical and methodological value, one that directs anthropological thought in new directions.' Claude Levi-Strauss
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