The Intoxication of Power

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Dezember 1979



When the Soviet people will enjoy the [God) wQl com11Ul1ld a ble',ing on u, In ble,"ngr of Communism, new hundred, all our way" '0 that we ,hall,ee much more of Hi, wisdom, power, goodnell8, of mOlion, of people on earth will BIly: and truth than we have formerly known. 'We are for CommuniBml' It i, not We ,haH find that the God of I8TIlei is through war with other countries, but by , among U', and ten of us shall be able to the example of a more perfect organiza­ tion of society, by rapid progress in rellist a thouBIlnd of our enemie,. The Lord will make our name a prai,e and developing the productive force, the creation of all conditions for the happi­ glory, '0 that men 'hall BIlY of succeed­ ing plantation,: 'The Lord make it like ness and well-being of man, that the that of New England'. For we must con­ ideaB of Communism win the mind, and sider that we Ilhall be like a city upon a hearts of the masses. Hill; the eye, of all people are on u,. The force of Bocial progress will in­ evitably grow in aU countries, and this John Winthrop to early Puritan will assist the builden of CommuniBm in settlers in America, 1630 the Soviet Union. Programme of the C. P. S. U.


Foundations: The Roman Civil Religion.- II
Errand Into the Wilderness: The City Upon a Hill.- III
The Reordering of the Cosmos.- IV
The Public Philosophy.- V
The Civil Theology: Myths of Destiny.- VI
Christianity and the Civil Religion.- VII
Hobbes: The Religion of Terror.- VIII
The Christian Tradition and Hobbes' Civil Theology.- IX
Rousseau: The Religion of Self-Love.- X
Saint-Simon and Comte: The Religion of Progress.- XI
Hegel and Marxism- Leninism: The Resolution of the Conflict.- XII
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