Writing Activities for Every Month of the School Year: Ready-To-Use Writing Process Activities for Grades 4-8

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Juli 1997



Here's a unique collection of 340 reproducible writing process activity sheets that capitalize on students' natural interest in holidays and special events while reinforcing your writing skills curriculum! Organized into ten monthly sections, September through June, each month including over 30 writing activity sheets like these for November: Athletic Words (sentence writing), Last Leaf on the Tree (paragraph writing), and World Without TV (essay writing).


Carol H. Behrman has taught writing to students in grades 5-8 for more than 20 years. She has also written 19 fiction and nonfiction books for children and young adults and has conducted numerous workshops on the writing process for students and teachers. In addition, Ms. Behrman in the author of two other resources on the writing process published by The Center, "Hooked on Writing!" (1990) and "Write! Write! Write!" (1995).
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