Carl Young's Adobe Acrobat 6.0: Getting Professional Results from Your PDFs

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Written for those with Acrobat experience, and seeking to take advantage of the feature enhancements of either the Standard or Professional version of Acrobat 6.0. This work teaches the techniques for creating professional PDFs for print, the web, or CD. The author produces the Adobe-supported PDF Conference.


Part I: PDF Standards for Everyone
1 Whats New in the Acrobat and PDF Universe
2 Why Quality Matters
3 Creating the Best PDF for the Job
4 Making Onscreen PDFs
5 Making a PDF Everyone Can Read
Part II: In Business with Acrobat
6 Putting Acrobat to Work
7 Working Together: Acrobat Collaboration
8 PDF from Corel WordPerfect
9 Working with Acrobat Security and Digital Signatures
10 The Wide World of Acrobat
11 Moving Beyond One-Document-at-a-Time Creation
12 PDF Forms
13 Introduction to Adobe Acrobat JavaScript
14 A Short Course for System Administrators
Part III: Acrobat for Creative Professionals
15 Adobe Products
16 Corel Applications
17 PDF from QuarkXPress
18 Preflighting and Color Printing


CARL YOUNG (Phoenix, AZ) is president of DigiPub Solutions, Inc. and is the producer of the PDF Conferences (www.pdfconference.com). He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Acrobat.
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