The Definitive Journals of Lewis & Clark

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This landmark volume contains the most complete listing and presentation of the plant specimens collected by the Lewis and Clark expedition. All but one of the plants were collected by Meriwether Lewis, the expedition's botanist. The collection, how-ever, was nearly lost over the years when it was scattered among various botanists who intended to catalog the expedition's scientific discoveries. Fortunately, for many years the specimens have been in the care of major institutions, principally the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. The 239 extant items are brought together in one book for the first time. This indispensable volume will assist researchers and enthusiasts hoping to identify each plant's date and place of collection and other information such as plant habitat and ethnobotanical use.


Gary E. Moulton is Thomas C. Sorensen Professor of American History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His editing of the Lewis and Clark journals earned him the J. Franklin Jameson Award of the American Historical Association and the Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award from the University of Nebraska.


"Anyone interested in the Lewis and Clark Expedition will enjoy looking at the specimens and tracing when and where Lewis made the collection via an accompanying map and appendix. Botanists will find this book informative for matters of identification, taxonomy, and natural history."--South Dakota History. "Well organized, the book's introduction, calendar of botanical specimens, herbarium list, and six good appendixes are valuable reports that should be of interest to many Americans wanting good information about our country's natural history."--Audubon Nationalist News
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