The Dark Didn't Catch Me

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April 2004



The Dark Didn't Catch Me tells the story of the Robinson family duringthe Great Depression in Greene County, Indiana. Seely Robinson is the tenacious11-year-old heroine, and it is from her perspective that the story is told. Itbegins when Seely, her two siblings, and her parents relocate to the hills ofsouthern Indiana. There they face a struggle to survive, as Seely's father works tocontrol his anxieties and temper, and as Seely's mother labors through personaldisappointment and poverty to raise her family. Seely learns and grows, and in spiteof all her troubles, through all of these hardships, ultimately manages to seethrough the darkness and appreciate the wonder of living.


Crystal Thrasher is the author of several award-winning children s books set in the Midwest during the Great Depression. She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana."
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