Shakespeare and the American Nation

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The story of how and why Shakespeare became a hero of American popular culture.


Acknowledgements; Prologue; Introduction; Part I. The Paradox: 1. Manifest consumption of Shakespeare; 2. America: a proudly anti-English 'idea'; Part II. The Appropriation: 3. Beginning the appropriation of Shakespeare and the 'First American Edition' of his works; 4. Jacksonian energy - Shakespearean imagery; 5. Context for appropriation in nineteenth-century America; 6. The American heroic and ownership of Shakespeare; 7. Shakespeare as a fulcrum for American literature; 8. The American Scholar and the authorship controversy; 9. Last scenes in the final act of appropriation; Epilogue; Appendix I; Appendix II; Bibliography; Index.


Kim C. Sturgess has studied in America and is now Assistant Professor of English and American Literature at Qatar University.


'Kim C. Sturgess's book is a valuable account of one of the ingredients that permitted America to stand up as a unified nation. ... The demonstration carried out by Kim C. Sturgess is interesting and convincing.' Revve Francaise d'Etudes Americaines '... the felicitous blend of in-depth research and colourful anecdotes makes for a book that is highly entertaining as well as informative.' Cercles 'This is a readable and stimulating volume ...' Literature and History
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