Spiritual Capital: Wealth We Can Live by

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April 2004



Spiritual Capital applies spiritual intelligence (SQ) to the business arena, taking emotional intelligence a giant step forward demonstrating how we can use SQ to transform corporate culture and society at largeSpiritual Capital is a new kind of capitalism, where wealth is about more than money. It is capital amassed through serving, in both corporate philosophy and practice, the deeper concerns of humanity and the planetShows how to implement Spiritual Capital by getting a critical mass of people to act for what's right rather than acting out of greed and self interest


1. The Monster That Consumes Itself; 2. Spiritual Capital; 3. The Motivations That Drive Us; 4. The Individual Motivations; 5. SQ: Spiritual Intelligence; 6. The Twelve Principles of Transformation; 7. Individual SQ processes; 8. How Shift Happens; 9. Shifting Corporate Culture; 10. A New Knights Templar? 11. Is It Still Capitalism?


Danah Zohar studied Physics and Philosophy at MIT and then did her postgraduate work in Philosophy, Religion & Psychology at Harvard University.Dr. Ian Marshall is a Jungian-oriented psychiatrist and psychotherapist and the co-author of several of Danah Zohar's books.
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