Bridge for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to One of the Most Challenging Card Games

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April 2004



A must-have book for beginners with easy-to-follow instructions for a complicated card game.


Introduction...9 Part One Introduction to Bridge: How it is Played and Scored...11
1. Absolute Beginners...13
2. The Game Unveiled...24
3. The Scoring...29
4. The Shape of the Hand... 35
5. The Bidding (aka The Auction)...38 Part Two The Bidding...45
6. The Positions at the Table...47
7. Opening and Responding to 1NT...49
8. Opening and Responding to 1-of-a-suit...58
9. Supporting Partner...67
10. Responding with 1NT...70
11. Competitive Bidding: Doubles and Overcalls...73
12. Conventions: Description of Stayman and Blackwood.93 Part Three The Play of the Cards...101
13. No-trump Contracts...103
14. Suit Contracts...109
15. Finesses...116
16. Defending your Opponent's Contracts: Basic Strategies and Opening Leads...121
17. Defending your Opponent's Contracts: Simple Signals and Discards...130 Part Four Dull but important information on Etiquette, Scoring, fs20and Basic Rules...137
18. Etiquette...139
19. Scoring...143
20. Basic Rules...150 Glossary...154


Paul Mendelson is the bridge professional at the Roehampton Club in London and has lectured on bridge all over the world. He started his tournament successes by winning the UK National Schools' Championships, and has since played in many top events, capturing two national titles. He was the youngest-ever captain of a winning Devonshire Cup team and is now the bridge correspondent of the London Financial Times.
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