The Flavors of Southern Italy

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April 2004



Praise for Erica De Mane "Erica De Mane is an experienced, generous home cook who understands how both Italians and Americans like to eat, and she deftly manages to bridge the two cultures. " -Corby Kummer, The New York Times "De Mane tells you things you need to know... Her philosophy is contagious. The tone is friendly.


Introduction. Acknowledgments. The Flavors of the Southern Italian Kitchen. Bitter, Sweet-and-Sour, and Salty: Fundamental Tastes, Southern Italian Style. The Southern Italian Love of Bitterness. Sweet and Sour: The Taste of Agrodolce. Southern Italy and Sea Salt. Essential Southern Italian Flavoring Ingredients. Southern Italian Olive Oil. Olives in Southern Italian Cooking. Cooking with Garlic. Tomatoes. Tomato Paste and Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Capers. Oranges and Lemons. Anchovies and Bottarga. Sweet Peppers and Hot Chilies. Some Thoughts about Black Pepper. Fennel and Saffron. Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Pancetta and Salami. Buying Southern Italian Cheese in America. Basil, Mint, and Parsley. Oregano, Rosemary, and Bay Leaves. Pine Nuts and Raisins. Almonds and Pistachios in Southern Italian Cooking. Wine in Cooking. Recipes : Cooking Southern Italian Style. Vegetables. Shopping for Vegetables. Cooking Vegetables. Green Salads in the Southern Italian Kitchen. Seafood. Buying Seafood. Cooking and Flavoring Seafood. Meats and Poultry. Meat in the Southern Italian Home Kitchen. Cooking for a Group. Savory Tarts. Pizza Neapolitan Style. Calzone. Soups. Pasta. Sauce for Pasta. How to Cook the Best Pasta. Desserts. Menus. My Favorite Southern Italian Wines. Wines and Good Producers to Look For. Sources. Bibliography. Index.


ERICA DE MANE writes on Italian cooking for Food & Wine, Fine Cooking, Saveur, the New York Times, Gourmet, and Marie Claire. She contributed to Joy of Cooking and is the author of Pasta, as well as Pasta Improvvisata. A member of the New York Culinary Historians and the Italian-based International Slow Food Movement, she lives in New York City.


There are plenty of southern Italian cookbooks; what makes De Mane's comprehensive volume special is recipes...simple but inspired" (Kate Heddings, Food & Wine Food Senior Editor, June 2004) "...De Mane's clear and easy narrative and her abundance of flavorful recipes make this a valuable collection." (Publishers Weekly, April 26, 2004)
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