Talking with Computers: Explorations in the Science and Technology of Computing

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Lively essays exploring topics from digital logic and machine language to artificial intelligence and searching the World Wide Web.


1. Talking with computers; 2. The shell game; 3. Keeping track of your stuff; 4. Don't sweat the syntax; 5. Computational muddles; 6. Getting oriented; 7. Thanks for sharing; 8. You've got (junk) mail; 9. Modern architecture; 10. Do robots sleep; 11. Under the hood; 12. Analyze this; 13. Forest for the trees; 14. Searching the wild web; 15. Darwin's dangerous algorithm; 16. Ain't nobody here but us machines.


Thomas Dean is Professor of Computer Science at Brown University. Dean is a fellow of AAAI and a former member of the IJCAI Inc. Board of Trustees. He has served on the Executive Council of AAAI and the CRA Board of Directors. In addition, Dean has acted as progam chair to a number of international conferences in Artificial Intelligence, was recipient of an NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, and has co-authored two popular books. His research interests include automated planning, machine learning, and robotics.
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