Training For Dummies

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Follow a training cycle start to finish!
Use modern instructional techniques and dynamic delivery to reach and teach learners!
There's a big difference between "knowing your stuff" and knowing how to teach others your stuff. Trainers have to know both. Whether you're an employee who has been tapped to train co-workers or a professional trainer who wants to hone your skills, Training For Dummies provides proven, effective tools and approaches.
Discover how toConduct needs assessmentsCustom design training courses Adapt for different learning stylesEnhance participation and learningPrepare for the new certification procedure


Introduction. Part I: So You're Going to Be a Trainer! Chapter 1: What's a Trainer? Chapter 2: Why Adults Learn. Chapter 3: The Training Cycle. Part II: Designing the Best Darn Training In the World. Chapter 4: Assessing Needs and Developing Learning Objectives. Chapter 5: Developing the Training Design. Chapter 6: Using Off-the-Shelf Training. Chapter 7: Being Prepared to Succeed. Part III: Showtime: Delivering a Dynamic Training Session. Chapter 8: Implementing Training Designs: Your Job as Facilitator. Chapter 9: It's Showtime: Delivering Success. Chapter 10: Mastering Media and Other Visuals. Chapter 11: Training with Style. Chapter 12: Addressing Problems: What's a Trainer to Do? Part IV: It's Not Over Yet: The Follow-Up. Chapter 13: Evaluation: It's Not Over Yet! Chapter 14: Transfer of Learning. Part V: The Professional Trainer. Chapter 15: The Consummate Professional. Chapter 16: Training Certification. Chapter 17: Training Trends. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 18: Ten Tips to Start Off on the Right Foot. Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Increase Participation. Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Save Time in the Training Room. Chapter 21: Ten Quick Ways to Form Small Groups. Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Adding Humor to Training. Chapter 23: Ten Icebreakers That Work. Index.


Elaine Biech, known as "the trainer's trainer," is President and Managing Principal of ebb associates inc, a strategic implementation, leadership development, and experiential learning consulting firm.

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