Just Like Us: 15 Biblical Stories with Take-Away Messages You Can Use in Your Life

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April 2004



This book provides a meaningful way to bring the lessons of the Bible to life by identifying with key figures of the Bible and applying their experiences to the everyday stresses of our lives.


Dr. Frank Minirth is founder and president of the Minirth Clinic in Richardson, Texas. He has authored or coauthored over sixty books, including the bestselling Happiness Is a Choice. He is currently featured on the national radio program "Life Perspectives" with Don Hawkins. Don Hawkins serves as the president of Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the former cohost and producer of the worldwide "Back to the Bible" radio program, has authored or coauthored over twenty books, and is host of the live nationwide call-in program "Life Perspectives." Roy Vogel is a psychologist and board-certified psychopharmacologist based in New Jersey. He is founder of Advent Counseling Centers and host of the New Jersey radio program "Lyrics to Live By."

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