Reorganizing the Rust Belt: An Inside Study of the American Labor Movement

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April 2004



This book innovatively analyzes success and failure in the contemporary labor movement, in the process turning the conventional picture of flexible capital and sclerotic unions upside down.


Preface: Postindustrial Pittsburgh: Low-Wage Work and the Challenge for American Labor Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: From Business Unionism to Social Movement Unionism PART I: CONFRONTING WORKING-CLASS ANTIUNIONISM INTRODUCTION TO PART I: ROSEMONT PAVILION 2. "See You Next Year": The Failure of Traditional Organizing Tactics 3. "It's a Union": Why Face-to-Face Organizing and Collective Action Tactics Succeed Epilogue to Part I: Organizing and Organization PART II: DEALING WITH ORGANIZATIONAL LEGACIES INTRODUCTION TO PART II: THE NEW URBAN POLITICS OF ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA 4. "Save Our Kanes": Bypassing Organizational Structures 5. "We Want a Contract": Confronting Business Union Organization Epilogue to Part II: Social Movement Unionism and the Problem of Power PART III: SOCIAL MOVEMENT UNIONISM: CHALLENGING THE POWER OF CAPITAL INTRODUCTION TO PART III: MEGACORP AND THE SEIU IN PENNSYLVANIA 6. "We Will Not Be Silenced": Escalating Mobilization 7. "Whatever It Takes, as Long as It Takes": Exploiting Antiunionism Epilogue to Part III: The Ambiguity of Victories Conclusion: Social Movement Unionism and Social Movement Theory Appendix Notes Bibliography Index


Steven Henry Lopez is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Ohio State University.

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