Efficacy, Agency, and Self-Esteem

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Challenging current notions in self-esteem literature, this volume offers new insights into efficacy, agency, and self-esteem as well as the influence of these constructs on psychological well-being. The contributions by prominent researchers contain substantial new theoretical and empirical research that focuses on a wide range of personality and motivational phenomena.


Introduction; M.H. Kernis.
Intrapersonal Dynamics: Is the Self Motivated to Do More than Enhance and/or Verify Itself? S. Epstein, B. Morling.
Human Autonomy: The Basis for True Self-esteem; E.L. Deci, R.M. Ryan.
Not All High (or Low) Self-esteem People Are the Same: Theory and Research on Stability of Self-esteem; K.D. Greenier, et al. Toward a Dualmotive Depth Psychology of Self and Social Behavior; J. Greenberg, et al.
The Evaluative Organization of Selfknowledge: Origins, Process, and Implications for Self-esteem; C. Showers.
Interpersonal/Contextual Concerns: Interpersonal Functions of the Self-esteem Motive: The Self-esteem System as a Sociometer; M.R. Leary, D.L. Downs. Self-esteem and the Extended Selfevaluation Maintenance Model: The Self in Social Context; S.R.H. Beach, A. Tesser.
Overcoming a Lack of Selfassurance in an Achievement Domain: Creating Agency in Daily Life; R.E. Harlow, N. Cantor.
Implicit Theories of Intelligence: Reconsidering the Role of Confidence in Achievement Motivation; Y.y. Hong, et al.
Need for Control and Self-esteem: Two Routes to a High Desire for Control; J.M. Burger.
Conclusion: Efficacy, Agency, and Selfesteem: Emerging Themes and Future Directions; M.H. Kernis.
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